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First, some quick math:

An air conditioner can make up 70% of a homes energy consumption in the summer.

My power bill was $500/mo. in the summer.

70% of that $500 equated to $350 month to keep my AC running.

By properly covering up, we were able to cut energy costs by 40%, or $140 a month.

We Now Save Nearly $800 During the Hot Months!
Keep reading to find out how you can save up to $800/yr on your air conditioning costs.

When we first moved here from Seattle, one of the things we notice was all the people holding umbrellas at soccer games. We came from a rainy city, and we didn’t use umbrellas when it rained, so we thought it was odd that people holding them on this perfectly-sunny spring day. So, we asked somebody. Of course, they told us what you already know. They told us that these umbrellas because lowered temperatures by 15%.

Hopefully, you see where I’m going with this. Covering up reduces heat. And reducing heat reduces the work load on your air conditioner in two ways.

First, the air conditioner doesn’t have to run as long because the room is cooler.

And second, if you shade the air conditioner itself, it won’t have to work as hard. Condensors in the shade use up to 10% less energy than those in direct sunlight.

Shade Tree

Well-positioned shade trees can reduce indoor temperatures by up to 20 degrees. These 20 degrees result in 40% less energy consumption!

With many trees being offered in the $50 range, its easy to see the savings are worth the trouble (for homeowners.)

Renters do not despair…

Blackout Curtains

Black Out Curtains are good options for renters, and they serve the same purpose. Blackout curtains and shades will reduce the amount of heat that is transferred via your windows by up to 24 percent. Black out curtains run about $20 a window at Target, and they also get the job done. They pay for themselves in under a year, and they last decades. And if you have to move, you can take them with you.

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